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Xiao Lin Hiroki

Life is never perfect 196287075(Chinese !!) in 2004 08 month 19 daysQQ joke ,not with my love marriage .Two ,to find the most loving people ,but could not get along together .Love is not the most difficult to get along with the original ,it is the biggest challenge.
Three ,find the love people ,but too late. He had married ,she has been married to him ,or have someone .Love, is the late spring of four ,met to inviting you .Woman ,but you already old enough to be her grandfather .
Five ,you are shilly-shally ,whether to break up with him. The early bird catches ,who knows him ,to present to you hand .He will never know what is your first thought ,not he !Even if you tell him ,he laugh, think you are dead to face it.
Six ,the love marriage .In seven ,he left you ,but chose a conditions worse than you many woman. Lose not himself ,how can we not sad ?He this choice ,it can not pass your face .Eight ,he left you chose a much better than you would rather choose a woman .
His condition worse than you woman !Nine ,you have to break up with him ,that he will be sad for a long time ,and not easy to find a woman who loves him .But ,shortly afterwards Be jubilant ,but he told you ,he found a new girlfriend ,but very happy.
And you ,haven Ten ,falls in love with a person ,but his sex with you the same 1:say a pair of male and female XJ male ,after entering the lying in woman who does not move, said :we now China Unicom the female ,some displeasure ,male violent attack ,female shout :mobile than Unicom good !) :2:8not sensible:leadership ,you don ,leading you to feel your car ,leading to walk ,leader speech you wordy ,leading private says you take a shower ,you take off the leadership ,leadership the dish you turn table ,leading to brand your self-drawn .
3: theWhite Wolf fled violence ,wolf indignation rush after rabbit ,to anoint soil as gray rabbit ,wearing glasses to read the newspaper ,the wolf ask :can see a rabbit? Rabbit: is that only rape wolf White Wolf ashamed ?KAO :I ,so soon editions ?4:in the street, a beautiful young lady said to me :&quot ;$one hundred I ,two hundred yuan I is you, three hundred yuan you don regard me as a person four hundred yuan ,I ask you tonight to take several people ,$five hundred for me no matter what you wear tonight is it right? !&quot ;5:donor :Hello !We are the Tibetan Buddhism side board ,in You received this message we have from your mobile phone fees deducted 50 yuan ofmoney ,thanks to you ,the Council awarded you the supreme holy name mm retarded 6:Cao Cao and Jiang Gan meet, Jiang Gan polite to ask :&quot ;fuck ,fuck your mother ?&quot ;exercise second to faint.
Day ,they meet again ,Cao Cao to greet :&quot ;stem ,to your family ?Do you &quot ;7:the room a child was born to laugh ,nurse midwife was very strange ,and observed the child fist tightly ,when after the discovery of a pill ,just listen baby laughs :&quot ;TMD want to kill me, no way &quot ;8:a farmer PJ ,JI said :&quot ;grassland a ten yuan, a twenty piece of chair ,bed once fifty.
Farmer throws fifty yuan ,JI laughs: Sir good mood !The farmer says :&quot ;the atmosphere of P ,fifty blocks ,five times on the grass .9:a woman because the pectoralis minor and unmarriageable ,a mutually to say to the man :&quot ;my chest is small, you think ?&quot :&quot ;man ;a steamed bread ?&quot ;woman said !The wedding night ,man out of the bridal chamber ,down the sky cried :&quot ;Oh ,young small flourishing steamed bread !&quot ;10:ask :who is the world ?Answer: artillery cooking The class warrior !Ask :why ?Answer: cuckold scapegoat seeing others shelling 11:mountain old bear ,ADIDAS Porsche Design P5000,you want to catch the first ,you lose .
Bear evil ,and his battles and defeats .Rest days ,,then raped .Rest Bi ,to see you ,bear ,you laugh :&quot ;this damn it is to hunt or prostitution !&quot ;12:tomorrow you wake up ,the bed side lie a mosquito ,there is a letter ,saying :I struggled for a night ,but failed to pierce your face ,you thick-skinned get let me have no Yan Huo in this world! Lord to forgive him !I Dutch act .
13:a man took off his clothes to his girlfriend to see two biceps said :This is equivalent to fifty kilograms of explosives ,and take off your pants at thigh said: This is equivalent to one hundred kilograms of explosives .
Then takes off panties ,girlfriend bolted door ,exclaimed :gosh !The lead so short !14:a beauty urgency ,the roadside grass solution, without paper ,then with leaves rubbing pudenda ,having spiny leaves ,pudendal very pain ,beauty is to pudendal said: " always eat meat, eat today to vegetables can not stand !&quot ;.
15:a reporter interviewed 100 penguins one daywhat do you do ,first said: eating ,sleeping ,playing Doug, second said: eating ,sleeping ,playing Doug .Always asked 99 all so ,asked 100thSaid: eats meal ,sleeps.
The reporter asked :why don hit bean ?Penguin said: I is Doug ,your grandma .16:8 year old girlshould tell a story and let her sleep, at the age of 18, to tell a story to lie to her and you sleep, at the age of 28, don automatic sleep with you ,38shewould tell stories to cheat you slept with her .
17:there is a girl into the stores, to buy a bar vibration ,the boss said :&quot ;in the above, choose &quot ;female seriously after the election ,July 8th to write the words my father,said :&quot ;I want the red !&quot ,see the boss ;an eye to say :&quot ;miss, that is the fire extinguisher! &quot ;.
A. One day I met God ,God promised to meet my request ,I handed him the globe said: &quot ;let the world is full of peace ~ !&quot ;God with a embarrassed say: &quot ;this is a little more difficult ,you change !I said :&quot ;&quot ;let me become a handsome little &quot ;then God said :&quot ;or that the globe come let me try !&quot ;B.
Someone climbing out of school was caught by the headmaster to principal asked him why not from the school go ?He said Metersbonwe ,do not take the unusual way .The principal asked him such a high wall, how to turn over the past ?He pointed to the pants to say :lining all possible principal asked him to cross the wall What is the feeling / ?He pointed shoes XTEP said the general feeling of flying second days from his front gate into the school principal asked him how not to cross the wall he said :Anta : my choice, I like .
Third day he wears a mixed mixed mixed mixed principal said he could not wear whatever he says Somer clothing fourth days he wears a vest to go to school principals said not to wear a vest to go to school he said a man is good for simple love pedal Fort apparel president says that I will remember you is greater than he said why ? said the M-Zone I think I teach you how to deal with the flower MM author :not yet registered users publish date :2004-08-11 23: 31:10:ZT .
Walking in the street ,his girlfriend suddenly break away from my arms ,and the &quot ;&quot ;to give me a slap in the face ,and then walk away .I froze in place for five minutes. Then girlfriend ran back ,pointing to a helpless go flower MM figure said to me :&quot ;thanks to my wit ,not only was she entangled .
&quot ;from then on ,I study the deal with flower MM method ,the results are as follows: 1 this is myshopping encountered alone .A flower MM came up to me flowers ,I pretend very gracious manner ,the flower said MM : " little sister ,brother to take you.
Ground Side play ,OK ?&quot ;I just said, the girl turned and ran .2when shoppingwith his girlfriend ,is a flower MM entangled .Girlfriend gently Baishou entered the mall ,leaving me resist .
I look at the flower said MM :&quot ;how old are you ?Read ?Your parents their last name ??where do you live ?Hh&quot ;( in 1 hours 25minutes and 38 seconds) the little girl like to see monk as escape .
3thirdtime flower MM, I decided to quick-fix. &quot ;flowers are the reproductive organs of plants do you know ?You mean with a fistful of reproductive organ Street hawk? &quot ;I just as he finished speaking ,flower MM has flushed ,silent walk .
Scientific force is powerful. The method also has a good girlfriend for at least two months :no to me Suo Hua ,saving the expense. 4saw aman like this the flower said MM :&quot ;MM is the first time you ?Me too !&quot ;flower girl screamed ,run the other way.
And saw a man be a flower MM entangled .Man suddenly dumped a waist ,and then use the melancholy tone: &quot ;they look where hate !Like a man !&quot ;flower MM was half a minute ,and then Before go.
5some ways due toexcessive difficulty I do too ,but I still understand ,so as to spend MM came out ,I pointed to the side of his girlfriend, on the girl said :&quot ;I don &quot ;girlfriend really fit ,make no reply to go away .
Flower MM also had to play gooseberry to leave .But later I labored and buy a week spent just to know &quot ;&quot ;the girlfriend .6and his girlfriend inbroken play, there is a flower MM pestered me flowers ,said this was Xu Xianbai first place ,extraordinary significance.
I think it will be also a price ,asked :&quot ;1 money1?&quot ;who knows and she gives me a look, just go away .I secretly proud of .But she soon returned ,but also brought several flowers MM ,came up to me ,were to make gestures ,said :&quot ;despise you !&quot ;international class roster ( classic dead ) author :dotyan 2004-08-19publisheddate :13: 37:24:ZT :the United States from position monitor .
Home rich ,who was also strong, the academic record is very good but also love to fight, do be truculent and unreasonable ,the class generally do not dare to contradict his Russian position :Vice monitor who grows the highest in the class .
Before the United States of America and the United States ,often contradict the contention monitor position .Home afterwards .Results behind, works somewhat depressed ,but also has a certain influence in the class .
The British positions :member of the study .A very good grades ,monitor the copycat ,monitor and a fight he often offer oneself to help the French positions .:literary committee member .
The UK partner ,study is also very good ,character more romantic ,work ideas ,often can learning committee the doings .German positions :member of labor .Diligent and hard-working ,performance is also very good .
Austria post :the music lesson representative .Because of the music talent ,so when the music lesson representative .The Spanish positions :the geography class representative .Result medium on ,because financing Kolumb discovered the new world ,so when the geography class representative .
Switzerland .Class beauty ,grades are good ,do not follow others three hook up four ,very quiet and shy .Australia .Study on the middle, tube member of learning called boss ,not assertive work ,study committee member said that he did not dare to say two .
Japan .The diminutive ,flexible mind, ambition ,due to academic performance has been good, so tried to squeeze into the class committee .North Korea .The youth league table, poor school performance ,the mouth is very hard ,often offend monitor ,monitor several times threatened to beat him ,because of the table group secretary didn start position .
India :computer class representative .Characteristics of seemingly stockily but actually insincere ,often quarrels with the same table of Pakistan .Because love engage in software, so as the computer class representative .
Pakistan .At India ,the figure is not high ,performance is not what, good relationship with the Secretary of the League branch ,so often and India against the stem .Israel .The result is good, but is to see the table of Palestine uncomfortable ,movable punches him .
The Palestinian position .The thin ,no family background ,often by Israel beat off teeth can only goes to the pharynx. Iraq .Results in general is very bossy ,only and monitor the opposite person ,a few days ,monitor and study members rushed to his home to give him a hemiplegia ,still lay .
Kuwait .The table before Iraq ,always bullied by Iraq ,fortunately, monitor support .Position :Egypt history lesson representative .The result is average ,home of Pyramid, so when the history lesson representative .
Iran .The result is not good, occasionally contradicts recent home monitor .Earthquakes ,are poor ,the class is preparing for his family to hold the fund-raising activities .Brazil post :the physical education representative .
Poor school performance ,the family circumstances are not good ,old money to monitor ,is also owing frequently ,because I love playing football ,so when the physical education representative .
Rwanda from the slum, home .We are very poor, study is also very poor, character closed ,barbaric act of violence .China is of course a League branch secretary ,about North Korea it has been suggested that the ten boys first Chinese: Lady ,we has put out the lamp ,undressing ,rest early .
Department of Mathematics :don ,otherwise I can three points. Department of Chemistry :I use my dropper insert your tube ,see whether to form a new compound .Department of Physics :according to the energy conservation ,the total power of the tonight is zero .
Department of foreign languages :come on baby letrs go !To bed !:according to the history department I know, the ancient to today ,the invention of the bed .Department of Physical Education :first I above you do 100 pushups,and then to a rollover ,finally a piked somersault .
Economy is: dear ,here is my salary this month .Department of Geography :I took a compass dozen once ,we should the west, Kyrgyzstan When (son ) has come ,go ,you hold my flashlight ,see the hole some what .
Department of computer science :dear ,my memory of you plug into the machine ,refresh ,have a look run fast ?How to prove that the girls is the primitive society ,no 1,?Please don me flowers !!flowers are plants of the genitalia, I don holding a bunch of genital and you aimlessly walking in the campus _ - M !2,Cao Cao :quick check, we reduced the number of troops ?Jiang Gan :only Tsinghua students so much !:ha ha ,Cao Cao every cloud has a silver lining.
Ah ,we can still fight ,again find out !Jiang Gan :oops Zhugong bad ,our troops only Tsinghua MM so much !Cao Cao ( SIT ) : the day I die ,I will come back north ,quickly find out! Jiang Gan ( for a while, come back V Cao Shen cried ) :555hh:Cao Cao ?Jiang Gan ( choking) :My Lord, I Fang Bing horse only Tsinghua PLMM ( is beautiful MM .
) so much !Cao Cao ( sigh ,hardly wished to live. ) :Hey ,so, we have the whole army was wiped out. The HH 3 ,Tsinghua just grab the steamed bread ,do not touch the Tsinghua girl !4,owner ,I was gay ,because HH because I want to fuck you uncle! !!5,man , born in the bed ,dead in bed ,&quot ;for students wishing to die &quot ;also in bed.
I ,in Zhejiang University ,graduated from the University ,be made half alive in Zhejiang University HH 6 ,four years of university dining hall &quot &quot ;booty ;display: ( C_chairman ) ( 1)the earthworm ,lying in the bottom of the spinach soup ,has white, swelling as little fingers ;( 2)a ladybird ,Coccinella ,I carefully counted ;( 3)strawberry a ( good stuff ) ,but I do not know why will appear in the bean ;( 4)playing a meat dish ,see in a big piece of meat ( mouse size ,around people envy ) ,I turned to look, it is half pig milk ,still growing above black hair! !!( 5)steamed stuffed bun ,the first also did not have to sink ,second export has bitten a ;( 6)bean curd ,after eating for the first time ,every time the fighting before total to steal a few blocks when the tile with the canteen ;( 7)other :porridge can take a shower ,rice can bird ,steamed bread to Taiwan islands HH summary: the dining room is a always can give us a surprise place :today ,do you think you have the world the most difficult to swallow food ,can be tomorrow, you can always find themselves wrong .
7,on the university to know ,at present our country is existing two outstanding contradiction :one is the Economic growth and our family life level continued to decrease contradiction, another is the high tuition fees and the poor quality of education .
The contradiction between the 8 ,my lover is a stunning beauty ,there will be one day she will be riding a fire-breathing dinosaur to marry me ,Adidas Jeremy Scott Schuhe as like fragrance,but I saw her mount ,but did not see its owner ,HH 9logistics group,network center ,the school hospital is the New Century Press in China student head of &quot mountains ;&quot ;:the rear service group is &quot &quot mm ;imperialism ;no conscience ,desperately search our money ;network center is &quot ;&quot mm bureaucratic capitalism ;occupy pit not shit ;University Hospital is the &quot &quot mm medicine ;feudalism ;dead to attractiveness! God damn u all to hell !!!10,BBS is a treasure ,we cannot live without ;BBS is really good, every landing less HH butterfly is shameful ,but also is a kind of virtue HH network long live innocence ,nonsense !According to irrigation water ,paste in back ,life is beautiful HH also said to stop, this ends affixed ah ,waist sour ,leg pain ,eat fragrantly ,appetite is especially good ,do not believe you can try ah ~ 11 ,one man says glumly :&quot ;TMD ,MM I was refused !&quot ;another said :&qu Ot ;you so good ,I was refused when, MM sisters said to me .
&quot ;next guy said :&quot ;you really lucky, I was denied news through dormitory for girls to boys dormitory ,again by my friends tell me .&quot ;the last one said :&quot ;ah bah ,I rejected message is at our school BBS l today is ten r see !!&quot ;12,Chiang-Nan seven strange + Ma Yu + Master Hongqi + A + ( Master Zhou Botong to teach a retarded children the best in all the land of Heroes ) = = Guo Jing Wang Chongyang ( teach seven a good child = = = = = = = = = = = = true ) seven and seven t3&lt ;Guo Jing :This is Wang Chongyang blindly expansion of the serious consequences !!!13,cover seven PA :where the speech will have attended court ,&quot ;&quot ;see hear Pa ;where the company recruitment telephone to dial ,dial &quot ;PA &quot ;;where the company would resume ,&quot ;&quot ;cast Pa ;all postings to written opportunity ,&quot ;&quot ;pen Pa ;who participate in the written examination has notice of the interview ,&quot ;&quot ;where a bully ;interview with go all offer ,&quot ;offer blaster &quot ;;the last category :the entire process repeatedly refused ,the opportunity to nothing ,all corners of the country .
&quot &quot ;MAC ;!!!I 14,from grand ,now studying at Harvard ( Harvard MBA. Mm Harbin college ,MBAmm&quot ;Monk Behaviour Analysis&quot ;mm monk behavior analysis ( 15),Xi Jiaotong University ) class, the two boys :A: &quot ;I curse you girlfriend is my university !&quot ;B: &quot ;I curse you after the girlfriend is our class !!!&quot ;16,BBS, they begin to complain station ,I did not speak out ,because I am not station ;later they deal with the director ,I never uttered a sound ,because I was not competent ;later they even Lord, I have heard, because I was not a moderator ,I is &quot ;the water cannon &quot ;.
Finally they began to repair the me, at this time, there was no one left with me and combined with the whole people of HH actually ,I is the legend of the &quot on the &quot ;;17,if you love !Her ,send her to hit ( HA ) ,because there is a heaven ;if you hate him, send him to the University ,because there is a hell HH ( excerpt from the 18haworkers ) ,network times we, should be familiar to &quot ;google&quot ;is a search engine use, you must learn to from a hair of the dog back to the dog The owner has had any disease .
19,oldest dormitory let lie on the bed to read a book in the old house next door to watch TV ,and his girlfriend to use this time ML. Just listen to them say: &quot ;next door is also in the ML.
&quot ;the boss asked him why ?Old said :&quot ;because they are downstairs bedroom & mail room watch TV .&quot ;the 20 ,want in those days, the wind of urine ten feet ;with today, downwind wet shoes HH: ( 21,( Tsinghua heating ) hand on the basic outlet ,warm-up buffeting on basic ,basic embrace by the couple ,single basically rely on the go.
Write move the hand ,complaints only yelling ,temperature when will there be ?School said not. Not seventy year old, a little endurance without ,that &quot ;eleven &quot ;early, you will freeze to the dog ,adidas JS WINGS 2.0 Uomo,Siberia south to go ,you have no life !!22,the ugly ,four nine meters ,Work in the round,university culture ,rural area registered permanent residence ,hut three, Bo Tian mu, cold pot hot stove ,the wife does not have, all the year round, medicine not bad mouth ,today Internet ,extensively with his girlfriend ,adidas Jeremy Scott Wings 2,revolutionary road ,together mm pain !!!23,a :discovery has cestode ,bowl of rice fell ;two :discovery has cestode ,bug out to eat ;three :discovery has cestode ,as no bug Ate ;four :found no worm ,worm protest ,not to eat !When reading inkstone :found a bug ,sigh ,this type is single ;read Bo :found only insects ,emotion ,school meals have improved the HH 24 ,I just started like MM this beauty ,later I he fell in love with this art began to flirt with hot chicks ;I just like the beauty of Zhejiang University ,then I fell in love with a doctorate of this art ;I just started like cheating on the beauty ,then I fell in love with the exam this art ;I just started like QQ this beauty ,then I fell in love with the door to chat art ;I just started like this beauty of money ,then I fell in love with rob this art ;I just started like this beauty of Party members ,then I fell in love with corruption and the art world .
25,tiny ,Chittagong huge !I shot 26,lewd ,indecent consciousness ,coquettish ( go !!CS friend signature ) 27,the poor are immune ,rich wives and concubines .28,neither A nor cattle ,cattle C !29,even into the dining room interior ,fume into eyes.
Zuo Wang spider dance ,right at the cockroach walking .Vomiting ,vomiting ,flush fly countless !30,don small Heart made a big dinosaur &quot ;&quot ;picture to you ,come in ,your 5 NoHH 31 ,originally wanted to buy Honda sports car ,but in order to support the national industry ,to resist R goods ,it is more important not to the Japanese atomic bomb made money ,so I plan to buy 28 Phoenixtype bike .
( C_chairman ) 32,I ate half a year grain mm finally tummy trouble ;I bought half a year sports lottery mm finally in five dollars ;I chased after half a year girls mm finally run off with someone ;I wrote for much of the year the mm was finally used to wipe my ass !( SOHU / ChinaRen campus forum ) 33,than I have no I am handsome than I Shuai ,I talented !34,three lines of girls can :nurse / nursing mm day would say: take off your pants ,raise the ass ;Department of English mm day would only say: * * * * HH ( behind the ANYTHING ) ;education / teacher mm do not punish you one hundred times !!!35,three ,boys can not marry :Architectural Design mm every day to make drawings ;hotel services / management mm go to the thing you put away ;accounting mm every at the end of the month to check again! ( C_chairman ) 36,examination questions : Chinese coal is ( ) ,Chinese iron is ( ) .
I answer: Chinese coal is ( black ) ,Chinese iron is ( hard ) .Sometimes I wonder ,why students &quot &quot ;lightening ;after the teacher always such a simple question ?( SOHU / ChinaRen campus forum ) 37,&quot &quot ;flowers ;gather it ,Mo to be spent without &quot ;&quot ;empty branches .
38,( your job) and smart and beautiful ,handsome young man and dinosaur with HH 39 ,( north side of gaming zone ) if the game is missing please call me mm I experienced, marksmanship ;first-class mercenaries ,to help Laden by ray, taught Sadam to play .
Gun ,5V5 generallystay at home 4peopleplaying mahjong ,I went out to get; super killer ,kill the game round 7-8(some short-sighted, so injury is inevitable ._ ) ;invincible terminator ,kills 55 peoplehas been a one-time injection ,http://adidasjeremyscottit.com,killing 33 people,killed 3 people,scared to death of 1 peopleCS ,won a merit !!the most important is I was ugly ,but his girlfriend HH 40(Donghua University ) ,virgin maidens heart in forever painful !!41,Adidas Wings,differential learning is often not ,mathematical equation is never justified ;functions of a real variable mathematics ten times ,functional analysis of heart make cold ;differential topology hiding off, stochastic process stochastic ;microcomputer principle trouble ,assembly language is not compiled ;quantum mechanics quantum mechanics, mechanical drawing Mechanical system .
42,in the evening, I walk in the clear lake, see the water was floated a transparent condom HH happened to three North girls passing by ,just listen to them on the water sleeve says: &quot ;see HH new species of jellyfish !&quot ;43,&quot ( smth ) ;come, miss ,show a smile .
&quot ;MM HH &quot ignore ;then ,chick doesn show smile ,uncle to give you a smile !&quot ;44,45,4days,two rice was 6"Jack &quot ;!!!I on the ornamental and the combined plain properties bear heart pent-up anger be ablaze with anger ,I came to the window with a meal ,the catty eight two iron boxes to the windowsill down, suddenly, a noisy cafeteria quieted down ,more than one thousand pairs of eyes watching HH and get food chef Lau face does not change colour don jump ,calmly put my lunch box to push :&quot ;that many times ,collect 7 cockroaches,to change the bean a !&quot ;all over HH ( C_chairman ) 46,I called a HH called a :don ,do not visit ,not color ,not angry ,not kinky ,do not want to ,don ,don ,not tall ,not short ,not fat ,not thin ,not handsome ,not ugly ,do not feel emptiness is form ,color Is null ,not empty color ,color is empty ,what color ,what is empty ,just like love hate hate hate hate love ,love ,love is hate ,hate is to love ,don is don ,but for love, not money ,spend money ,don only ,only playing truant ,no post replies ,only &quot ;irrigation immortal &quot ;! ( SOHU / ChinaRen campus forum ) 47,to borrow your white dress, to borrow a pair of wings of birds ,then flying went to me said :&quot ;we Birdman like this ~ &quot ;48,the morning I eat ,because I want you ;I did not eat ,because I want you ;I did not eat ,because I miss you like crazy ;I can at night ,because mm is a day not eating I hungry 49,my big name of God, a nickname Jesus ,English name God ,fahao is Buddha .
50,( stop, don ) ( they chase !) ( students, do not pursue, rob the waterwheel is illegal Di !) ( _ water _ _ _ _ car _ ) / _ &lt ;&lt ;&lt ;&lt ;&lt ;51,the professional course test the last question :do you think the most influential physicist who is ?I write is &quot ;Newtonian &quot ;.
Results ,the class I am the only one who failed ,the original ,we have tutors Name written up HH fuck ,what a country !( SOHU / ChinaRen Campus Forum ( 52),Chinese girl ) university four years short of target mm&quot ;car, house ,someone !&quot ;car :two ,proper motion ;real :beautiful scenery ,painting ;husband :WS e ,there is a little bit of love to me .
53,in pursuit of her ,like a little snail HH 54 ,reading :first two big boil a three-shift back four be riotous with colour in a complete mess nine into do not know very depressing !Had to find ten :drink nine bubble of eight seven tea six birds everywhere spiritual boredom every two or three days extravagant! What be of two minds :a life he ignorant six fine hard seven to be the eighty or ninety points !Ridiculous :the ten Fang Jiuzhou warrior seven Di five lines of the Liuhe all around all two circles, you and I to a little silly !55,a citizen is the Tsinghua University ,the good citizen is promoted ;two Peking University ,liberal democracy often boast ;three class citizen is south ,processing paper everywhere hang ;four citizens is Zheda ,piecing together really commendable courage ;five citizens are Fudan ,baby happy laugh easily ;six citizens in the family is big, China Red seedling and flower ;seven class citizens at National Chiao Tung University ,deadlift chairman lift increment ;eight citizen of the West Jiaotong University legally ,by side Ventricular pressure ;nine citizens Ha Gongda ,thin dead camel is bigger than a horse ;ten class citizen laborers ,sharp-tongued thick-skinned belly hollow ;get desperation is the National People ,the ranking order to network Southeast University ;a demotion ,and secondary school .
56,via checking ,you members of the Forum irrigation income is extremely uneven ,to balance the tax burden ,enhance fair the competition ,so you decided to levy personal income tax forum members of irrigation ,from the date immediately !57,Chinese official is the servant of the people (servant ,as the name suggests ,public servants ,status low one can imagine ) ,but the socialist after decades of development ,its superiority has been fully revealed : a part of China public servants have stood up !They changed to serve the people of fate, when the master of the country ,because it has high communist consciousness ,then be a trend which cannot be halted potential realized the Communist lifestyle ,money villa ,Heung Che beauty ,without exception, have everything that one expects to find ,to distribution according to need; also can summon wind and call for rain ,was in favor of the people ,the universal public ,they seek to ;more one win ,ring ,let more people thought gets the sublimation ,also running into communism ,to allow some people to enter the Communist Marxism, realize national communism .
Wrote this, I can not help but tread ,Marx described the Communist society was in sight ,we will be hard work ,for in the near future to communism sweet !58,four years of youth ,wasted ;university life ,boring ;get up early to sleep late, tired and sleepy ;when the bell rang ,a heat ;seize every minute and second ,clean up the stack ;breakfast bun ,the nausea ;one or two classes, class stand ready to be sleepy straws.
;,;rush on like a swarm of hornets ,toilet queue ;to run even faster ,or not ;three or four class meeting ,the stomach ;stretch ,fall asleep again ;the professor asks a question ,what all not ;daily study ,a party ;the glue envelope ,have everything ;final exam cheating ,retreat ;a hell on earth ,have experience greatly ;weekend life, true dull ;wandering the streets, meets a girl ,unfortunately ,someone in my arms .
A call ,phone is too expensive intimate ;boys ,is suspicious of gay ;extremely depressed, not criminal. Affairs of the general assembly ,solely suffer ;slightly less than, to face punishment ;Yaner swarming ,love the tired ;talking about love ,heartbreak ;the buddy system ,exquisite jade ;dream lover ,missed the meeting ;a quiet and modest maiden ,not at the beginning of his .
Love people ,and people fly ;do all one can to catch up ,in vain ;roaring up into the sky ,tears; shamy ,shake and crumble ;ideal setting for a couple in love ,is not us !Wouldn all is in vain! Life again ?Tired !My back ,not social .
Sit in front of car number is 0, just behind the a number of mobile phone number .In addition to the front three numbers are not the same ,behind all the same. A place to live, sentry at the door of our unit there are more than 1,and so on .
We have enough money to buy two bottles of XO ,a bottle of drink ,a bottle of mouthwash. 2,we have the money to buy two watches ,hand neck with an ankle ,with a .3,we have a money bag ten mistress ,two ,eight additional competition.

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